Flue gas Filter


The Aagaard flue gas filter model AFF is flexible both regarding application and location. The filter is designed for relatively large air volumes with low dust burden, and is suitable for biomass plants and small decentralized combined power and heating stations with very limited installation possibilities. The filter is very compact considering its large filter surface area.

The Aagaard flue gas filter model AFF is designed with pleated filter cartridges providing a considerably higher surface area per cartridge. Typically, the filters have 30-35 % more area per cartridge compared to an ordinary filter bag. This will minimize the floor space requirement of the filter and in many cases allow indoor installation.

The horizontal cartridge filters are automatically cleaned by pneumatic pulse valves. The valves shoot directly into the cartridges without loss and the dust is collected in the bottom of the filter – either in a bin or a rotary valve.

Easy exchange of cartridges through the doors on the side, cartridges can be cleaned and reused.

The filter is supplied factory insulated thus a relatively short installation time is to be expected.


  • Minimum floor space requirement for installation
  • Modular constructed
  • Emission of dust particles below 10mg/m³
  • Large surface area of filter material
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Low pressure loss over filter material
  • Built in spark arrestor
  • Automatic cleaning system